Watch Jesse J's Performances On Saturday Night Live

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The British singer-songwriter Jesse J unleashed her screaming fury on SNL . Check out the videos here.

Jesse J's managers somehow managed to land her the coveted SNL musical guest spot before her album is even out. The barely known singer, who we've mentioned is an artist to watch this year, did an alright job, enlisting B.o.B as her sidekick to perform their song 'Price Tag.'

There's no doubt Jesse J is called "the voice" for a reason, but do we need to be slapped in the face with her "range" so freaking hard on all the songs? Christina Aguilera already perfected that shtick so we don't know what to make of Jesse J and her performance of "Mama Knows Best" which sort of made our ears bleed.

When it comes to British pop stars, Adele and Duffy are already crowning themselves on the vocal department, and they didn't need to dress in strange outfits. Maybe we're cranky today due to daylight savings, but yes her clothes made us feel weird, too.

What did you think of Jesse J on SNL?

Watch Jesse J's Performances On Saturday Night Live.
Watch Jesse J's Performances On Saturday Night Live.
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