Spice Girls videography from 'Wannabe' to 'Headlines'

Spice Girls videography from 'Wannabe' to 'Headlines'

28 Jun 2012
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The Spice Girls reuniting for the presentation of Viva Forever: The Musical made us feel nostalgic. We have ripped our old CD's into our iTunes and have been listening to them in repeat. The girls really left their mark, even though they were only together for a very short time. Check out the best Spice Girls videos below.

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"Wannabe" exploded onto the scene and it was love at first sight with the girls. The were chaotic, they didn't respect the rules and with a catchy tune, it was the hit of the year. We loved the video because it was made to look like it was one long shot, with no cuts.

The Spice Girls as super heroes? You bet! They filmed the "Say You'll Be There" video in the Sahara desert and if we didn't love them before, we were head over heels for them now. Each of them has such a different personality that when they came together they were dynamite.

This song is about sex. Imagine us at like 12 years old singing "2 Become 1?" It was kind of awkward but it was still one of our favorite videos. The girls with New York City in the background.

Awwww! This was a cute video with the girls singing to their mothers on "Mama". Each of their mothers appeared on the video with pictures of them as children. It is a really touching song and video.

After two sappy songs, the Spice Girls came back with "Who Do You Think You Are?" The song was a hit song and made us "trust it, use it, prove it and groove it."

We had been "spicing up our life" and the girls made sure the world knew they were taking over. In this clip for "Spice Up Your Life" the girls are in a spaceship like vehicle, flying through a futuristic NYC with logos referencing the Spice Girls.

For the promotion of the movie Spice World "Too Much" was used as the official song. It is that song that the movie opens with. In this music video the girls are in different scenarios playing different characters while clips from the film are weaved in.

"Stop" was a fun "Motown" inspired song. The girls have a cheeky, cute choreography to accompany the lyrics of the tune. How many times did you guys rewind this video to learn the steps? Or maybe that was just us.

After "Ginger Spice" decided she was too big for the group, the Spice Girls became animated for "Viva Forever." Since Geri was not in the band anymore and her voice was still part of this last single from "Spice World" they resolved the issues like this. The girls were animated while little versions of them were also cast.

The first video, post-Geri, was "Goodbye." It was sort of a farewell to her and made us aware that they were going to be ok without the red-head.

"Holler" was the first official single from their new album sans Geri. They were definitely trying to keep up with the times and the changing musical taste. After this video they made a couple more with songs that were not that successful and the end of an era was here.

With "Headlines" the Spice Girls returned to the music scene. For a reunion tour the girls recorded a couple of new songs and made this their single. The girls showed off their awesome worked out bodies and proved that they could make a come back. They all looked much better now than they did back in the day.

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