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Selena Gomez longs for a lost love in 'Rule The World' leak

From the bottom of my broken heart: Selena Gomez is devastated in new, fun track
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"You came and broke the perfect girl," sings Selena Gomez on her newest club banger "Rule The World." Although the tune is catchy and the singer decided to share it with her fans after it leaked she said it may not even be in her album. 

In an interview with HitFix, Selena confirmed that rumors about a duet with Taylor Swift are not true and described the album as "very pop-electro". Selena said she was heavily influenced by her work on her upcoming film Spring Breakers, and that Britney Spears and Skrillex were in her mind. 

"Come and Get It" will be the first official single from her album and it will come out in April.

In the meantime, listen to the leaked tune below and tell us what you think. 

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