Marilyn Manson collapses on stage in Canada

  • Yahaira Toribio
Yahaira Toribio
7 Feb 2013
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Marilyn Manson keeled in mid-performance  at show in Saskatoon, Canada last night.

Photo: Getty Images

TMZ reports the rocker was in the middle of his hit, "Beautiful People," when he stopped singing and fell over. Confusion was in the air, the band kept playing and the audience waited for him to get up but when stagehands came over to help him, everyone caught wind of how serious the situation really was. Watch video of the incident below.

At this time, no one knows exactly what happened to Marilyn Manson but there are unfounded reports that he vomited on stage prior to collapsing.

What do you think happened to Marilyn Manson?

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