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Latin Fix Exclusive: Bajofondo debut 8-bit 'Pide Piso' video

Foto: Girlie Action Media/Picky Talarico

We're proud to present the new music video for Bajofondo's "Pide Piso," the first single off their upcoming album Presente.

The clip is an 8-bit love story soundtracked by the Gustavo Santaolalla-led collective's electro tango jam. The romantic video game tale begins with a jetsetting young woman as she flies from Montevideo to Buenos Aires and enjoys the best food & culture the city has to offer. Watch the video below.

Bajofondo 'Pide Piso' clip, an 8-bit love story!Click to see the video
Bajofondo "Pide Piso" clip, an 8-bit love story!

It's love at first sight when bumps she into a handsome young chap in a bar where they dance and continue dancing in the street, in the rain, and underwater.

The Latin Grammy-award winning band makes great animated cameos in the adorable video, initially as a street band then playing to thousands on a concert stage.

Presente showcases where the band is currently in their repetoire, a stirring mix of styles including tango, milonga, folklore, rock, hip-hop, electronica, jazz, classical, and a world of sounds from the Río de la Plata, the river that separates and unites Argentina and Uruguay. The album is out March 5 on Sony.

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