Jon Bon Jovi Upset Over Heartthrob Status

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Jon Bon Jovi didn't like his heartthrob status back in the day. He said he was 'pissed off' that he couldn't focus more on his music. Was it really about the music or was he just being a jerk?

Most music stars would be thrilled to be considered heartthrobs. Apparently, for Jon Bon Jovi that wasn't enough. He was so over he sexy status.

'At 26, 27, I was pissed off about it. Because I thought, 'Goddammit! I'm working so hard! I'm trying so hard! I'm trying to do what I want to do, while I'm trying to please you! Now I can say: 'Thank you - that's a wonderful compliment,'' Jon talked about his horrible dilemma.

Jon still isn't satisfied with his physical features just yet. At the tender age of 48, the rocker now claims to be 'overweight'. Is he fishing for compliments, or what?

'I'm vain inasmuch as I think I'm terribly out of shape right now. If you want to be perfectly honest, I'm 10 pounds overweight and I'm drinking too much and I'm bored to tears. OK. I'm not the fat Elvis. At 48, I look OK. But you know, I'm coming to real good terms with getting older,' Jon added.

Someone needs a therapist. Do you guys have any recommendations for Jon Bon Jovi's serious image issues?

Jon Bon Jovi Upset Over Heartthrob Status.
Jon Bon Jovi Upset Over Heartthrob Status.
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