Gorillaz Break-Up! Not a 'Feel Good' Feeling

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Damon Albarn confirms that Blur is breaking up and that new music from his animated band Gorillaz is "unlikely." The frontman explains why the band is calling it quits. Click more to find out why.

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Albarn and his Gorillaz collaborator, artist Jamie Hewlett, have not been playing well together. In an interview with The Guardian he says, "We were at cross purposes somewhat on that last record, which is a shame. So until a time comes when the knot has been untied..."

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This isn't the first time that the boys have had a fall out. Back in 2010 Hewlett felt that his visuals were no longer a central part of their performance.

"The music and the videos weren't working as well together, but I felt we'd made a really good record, and I was into it. So we went and played it," Albarn stated.

Four albums have been released under the Gorillaz project since its inception, back in 1997, with the latest single being "DoYaThing." As for Blur, they will deband after their gig at Hyde Park for the closing of the 2012 London Olympics.

Are you sad Gorillaz is breaking up? What was your favorite Gorillaz song?


Gorillaz Will Break Up.
Gorillaz Will Break Up.
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