Exclusive interview: Nelly Furtado rocks the "Parking Lot"

10 Sep 2012
updated at 19h29
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Nelly Furtado is a sweetheart. What else can we call someone who after working arduously all night on her new music video for the single " Parking Lot ," answers our questions at 6 a.m.? Nothing short of a darling!

We got a chance to catch up with Nelly in Downtown L.A. on the set of the video. Directed by Ray Kay --famous for his hot clips with everyone from Lady Gaga to Enrique Iglesias-- the clip will do justice to this super fun song. Tricked out cars will serve as a stage for Nelly who obviously isn't afraid of heights and bounces on top of them clad in a white tank top.

Check out the interview above where she discusses her love for Latin music and confesses which Latin stars she is dying to collaborate with... hint, hint, a certain Prince made the cut.

The Spirit Indestructible is out on September 18 and is available for pre-order here .

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