Chilean Rapper Anita Tijoux Gets Plug From Thom Yorke

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Chilean rapper Anita Tijoux just got a serious plug from Thom Yorke on a playlist published on his band's official site. Listen which song he picked after the jump.

The Radiohead frontman chose Anita Tijoux 's '1977' from her album by the same name, to open his latest ' office chart ' appropriately followed by Danny Drive Thru 's 'Ante Up,' displaying, once again, his impeccable and very open music taste.

Anita has been gathering heat state side this year due to her release 1977 (Nacional Records) and did a few shows last month in New York City.

This summer, the France-born MC will be coming back during the Latin Alternative Music Conference and playing Summer Stage in Central Park in July. We'll be covering all the mayhem, and of course, her show so stay tuned.

What do you think of 1977?

Anita Tijoux Gets Plug From Thom Yorke.
Anita Tijoux Gets Plug From Thom Yorke.
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