june 30, 2011 • 05:02 PM

Amy Winehouse's Website Gets Hacked With Lil B Picture

Amy Winehouse's Website Gets Hacked With Lil B Picture.
Foto: Getty Images

Amy Winehouse is a royal mess and now her website is joining the ranks.

The troubled singer's website recently got hacked and although this is a cruel move from hackers, it doesn't make it any less hilarious.

Amy Winehouse Before Drugs

When you visit Amy's official site, you will think a virus hit you as a blank screen starts flashing and later loads into a full page rant featuring a hilarious picture of rapper Lil B as his song "B---- Shake That A-- On My D---" plays. The hackers who called themselves SwagSec and were quick to clear up they are not associated with Anonymous.

After a letter full of expletives the team sings off with a shout out to Lil B, saying "if you mention us in a new trak brotha, we give u our bitches, promise."

We took a screenshot so you can see for yourself without having to visit the site if you don't want to.

What do you think is this funny or bad?


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